how do i start a recycling program at work

I work at a denny’s restaurant and want to start a program to recycle the plastic waste.



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    I have attached a couple links to help out. 

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    There is a system that you could follow. Go to the website I’ve included as a citation; they have the steps laid out there. First, you need support from the management and your co-workers. You then need to find a company that will take the plastic waste. After that, you need containers that people can place the plastic waste in. Probably the most important step is to educate other employees and the management about what can be recycled. I tried to start a recycling program in my fraternity house, but it was very difficult to enforce because people would get used to throwing trash in the plastic containers. I’d say get a container that looks different from the usual containers you use for trash. Also, it takes a very small amount of trash to contaminate the rest of whatever you’re recycling, so you need to watch out for that. Monitoring the recycling process is a very important step.

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