How do I start an insect collection?



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    The first thing that is recommended before beginning your bug collection is to become familiar with how to catch, kill, mount, label, and store the insect. An alternative to the actual catching and preserving is to take pictures of live bugs in the wild. There are also a variety of tools that will be needed for starting an insect collection such as nets, an aspirator, and traps. Those who enjoy insect collecting find it a fascinating hobby where they learn alot from studying the various species of insects (The Iowa State University, 2011). For more information and a step-by-step guide on how to get started, please visit

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    The most common technique is to net insects and then place them in a sealed jar with a piece of sponge soaked in phenol.  After the insect is dead you can spread it out and pin it into on a piece of styrofoam that has been covered in felt.  You can then cut the stryrofoam and felt into a square and frame it or display it as you like. There are more detailed instructions in the attached link. I used to just seal individual insects in jars until they passed away.  Then I glued them in various positions with hot glue in a clear plastic tacklebox display case.  I would only recommend this technique for larger insects.  Also, the insects are prone to breaking if you move the case around a lot. 

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