How do I start an environmental club on my college campus?



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    Ask one of your advisors about the specific process for your school, but you should have to start with finding a faculty member to oversee the club. Then, you need to submit a request to the college to receive funding for the club. This may require that you have certain number of interested members before the club is actually made. Then, find a place to hold the club meetings.

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    Every college might have their own specific rules and bylaws for starting an organization or club on campus, but usually you need to have signed on a certain number of people (as determined by the associated students constitution), find a staff member or faculty to sign on as the club advisor, and create a constitution and bylaws that the organization is to follow. You’ll need to prove to the school why the club is important and can serve the community. Club leaders such as the President and Vice President will also need to be chosen. Look into your school’s student body leadership program and see what particular guidelines they enforce for starting a club.

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