How do I speed up the composting process?



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    There are a few different ways to speed up the composting process, but they all require either more money of more effort.

    Tumbling compost systems can be a bit costly, but can turn out a batch of finished compost in about three weeks.

    A compost pile in the backyard can yield results just as quickly if given enough effort. Make sure all of your compost materials are shredded well. This creates more surface area for microbes to access the materials and allows moiture and air to be distributed better.  Mix the materials together, trying to keep close to a 30:1 carbon to nitrogen ratio with your materials. Add water to keep the pile from being too dry.

    Covering the pile will help it to retain heat. Try using an old carpet or plastic for the cover.

    Turn the pile every two to three days. If you work on it consistently, you’ll have compost in just a couple of weeks.

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