How do I sell my 20ft python safely?



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    Honestly, I would recommend calling a pet store and seeing if they would like to purchase the big guy from you.  A lot of people that you would find on Craigslist or from an ad are probably not going to realize the responsibility of having this amazing animal.  I would be wary to put him in a home of someone who just thought he might be cool, yet had no knowledge of what his needs were.

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    It would be best to contact a local zoo, nature center, responsible snake breeder, or other wildlife organization. There are many people who are not knowledgeable on the care of a python this large. Many zoos will not be able to take the snake, but they may know someone responsible that you can contact. Also, see if there is a local herpetology society thta you can contact.

    Please do not simply release the snake or give it to someone unresponsible. Large pythons can be difficult to handle and you would not want your pet to wind up with someone who could not take care of it.

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