How do I report poaching?



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    Looks like it’s different for each state.  In California there is an anonymous tip line which you can call to report poaching and polluters.  It’s 888.334.2258 if you happen to be in California.   

    I did a little more searching and it looks like if you contact your state’s Department of Fish & Wildlife they should be able to point you in the right direction.  In other states it was their Department of Natural Resources that seemed to have a hotline.  You can do it online in Idaho: 

    This site has a list of all the states and their recommended resources:

    Good luck!

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    Yes, all states do have a hotline you can report to.  Some also offer reporting services online, however I would probably call to make sure that they saw the online submission.  Some states, like California, offer rewards for reports that end in a successful capture.  That’s admirable you want to report it, so many people see things and do nothing about it.  

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