How do I remove dioxins and other toxins from the air after an accidental burning of plastic.

Recently had stainless steel pot with water boiling a knife that needed to be disinfected. The pot was left unattended, the water boiled off, the black plastic handle completely melted down inside the lidded pot. The house was exposed to this off-gassing for at least 12 hours (overnight). The smell is horrific, but slowly fading, after finding and opening up the house and running our pretty high-grade air filter. We have stayed out of the house since then, but… need to know how to effectively remove the toxins so we can get back into the house.



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    There is no treatment process to completely remove dioxins and toxins from the air. As the health effects of high exposure to these are so serious, however, calling a doctor or the public health department in your location couldn’t hurt. Since you have an air filter at home, you’re already responding well to the problem. You can also use an at-home testing system. Open all your windows, turn on fans and be patient as your house airs out.

    Sadly, dioxins and toxins are very prevalent in most communities. They are passed through the air to many different sources, and end up accumulating in human and animal tissue. While the amount in your house is unsafe and should definitely be avoided, we are exposed to dioxins and toxins everyday. Doctors can test for dioxin poisoning, but it is expensive and might not tell you what you were exposed to during this incident. All in all, you are doing everything you can!

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