How do I recycle sex toys?

I sell adult novelties, and would like to start a team through our company to collect unwanted, old, and or borken sex toys. I would like to work directly with a recylcing company not another middle man. Also as a company we would more than likely do a program to where if the customers donate a certain amont they would get a credit, so I would preferably like to work with a recycling company that pays you to recycle (if that’s even an option), so we aren’t actually loosing money to recycle.



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    Ship used toys you get to this address:

    Dreamscapes Recycling Program
    5450 Bruce B Downs Blvd #366
    Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

    The company thoroughly cleans each toy it receives, then resuses the materials to create new ones. They also offer a $10 gift card per box of toys received (though there are some stipulations)

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    Make sure the batteries are removed and recycled properly.  I think this is a great idea, although unusual, but you can certainly help to remove toxic chemicals from the waste stream by just making sure the batteries are disposed ov properly.

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