How do I recycle register tape? there is plastic in the middle.



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    Can you separate the plastic and the paper? If so just dispose of each one in a seperate bin. Your recycling center may take mixed recycling and in that case you can throw it out together. If, not I would take it directly to the recycling plant. Good luck 🙂

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    Is it a full roll of register tape?  I would recommend donating to another business or even taking to a thrift store.  If there’s a lot of it, sell it to an up and coming restaurant in your area for cheap, that way you can make some cash and they get to spend money on other things.  Reusing is far better for the environment than recycling.  

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    As far as I know you can’t recycle register tape but you can buy register tape made from recycled paper. If you work with a cash register and are concerned about the environmental impact you could suggest that your company switch to recycled register paper (it’s often cheaper than the regular kind as well).

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