How do I recycle out of date textbooks?



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    If the books are still in acceptable condition, try selling them on a site like amazon or You could donate them to a local library or organization. More ideas: see below link. They are recyclable. Instead of putting them in a bin by the road, I would talk to a local book store or library and see if they have a specific place to recycle them. 

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    Here is site that has an extensive list of where you can donate your old textbooks.  At my college (Washington State University) we always have bins to donate our old books that we can’t use in the buyback program at the end of the semester. If you have a university, college, or community college, close to where you live, you could see if they have any donation bins.  Hope this helps and it’s great that you are recycling/donating them!  Someone will definitely benefit from what you have given away.   

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