How do I recycle hard bound books that are soiled and unusable?



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    The pages inside most books can be recycled as a mixed waste paper product. However, spines of hardcover books generally contain a lot of glue and cannot be recycled. Therefore, if the cover and the spines for hardcover books can be removed, the pages within can be recycled.  However, ripping out the pages of the hard-bound book for recycling can be a bit cumbersome. You can also call your local waste management or recycling company to see if they can take the hard-bound books intact.

    Perhaps some creative recycling ideas may also be of help:

    • Hollow out a textbook for a discrete place to keep valuables
    • Create a handbag out of old books (see link below)
    • Create a unique gift-box
    • Create a lamp
    • Create a bookshelf


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