How do I prune a weeping flowering tree? I’m not sure of the name of the tree as I have acquired the tree on the property and the last owners could not provide the name. It blooms in the spring and currently (mid-July in the mid-west) it have green berr

It has green berries now and stands about 12ft tall and is about 5 years old. It has never been pruned. The leaves are a light to medium green.



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    The first link below is a tree identification guide. I can’t ID your tree from the information you’ve given (it could fit multiple trees), but, since you are actually in its presence, you’d be able to ID it.

    The second link is a really great guide to prune trees in a safe, healthy way. It can also help you decide if your tree actually needs pruning or not.

    I really recommend calling your local arborist for a consultation. They can help you identify your tree, see if it has any problems, and assist you with pruning if need be.

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