How do I prepare the ground for planting shrubs and bushes. How do I keep the grass from growing around the bushes I plant?



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    You will want to first select bushes and shrubs that will grow in your climate zone and in your soil type (check for sandy or clay soils). You will want to dig an adequate hole for the shrub, making sure that you are far enough away from the foundation of your house and other structures so the roots can grow. Remove any pot or burlap from the roots, plant the shrub, and give it sufficient water. You may want to add some fertilizer when you plant or afterwards (especially if you notice that the leaves are turning yellow).

    To keep away weeds clear away the grass in the desired area. Then mulch the area and keep the mulch fresh. Plug out any weeds that are able to come up immediately to keep them from spreading or dropping their seeds. You may consider a plastic edging to keep the grass from encroaching into the area.

    Good luck!

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