How do I plant seeds of Royal Poinciana tree? Do the seeds have to be dry before planting?



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    Delonix regia, commonly referred to as the Royal Poinciana or Flamboyant tree, generally grows best in tropical or sub-tropical climates. However, it can tolerate some drought and salty conditions. It is a legume and has nitrogen fixating properties which can help improve the soil. This tree requies a well-drained, moist, acidic soil and doesn’t do well in shaded areas.

    To plant this species, first you should dig a hole that measures approximately twice as large as the tree’s roots. Put organic compost in 1/3rd of the hole and place the tree in the center. Put the remaining loosened soil around the trunk and tramp down well. Be sure to water the soil so it’s moist before placing a layer of mulch on top. Avoid placing mulch around the tree trunk and avoid using too much mulch as it can change soil pH or stress tree roots. It’s best to only use a layer of 2 to 4 inches.    

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