how do i plant a bare root fruit tree in el dorado county, california?



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    You must soak the roots in water for 12-24 hours before planting. Select a location that is moderately fertile and well drained. These trees should not freeze and if they need to cross pollinated must be planted within 50 ft of each other. Dig a hole twice as large as the root mass. Mix in some fertilizer with some loose soil. Plant the tree in the hole and fill. Plant a stake if the tree needs extra support.

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    It’s very important, first of all, that you keep the roots moist at all times. Bare-root trees are in a state of shock. Your best bet is to keep the roots packed in some kind of medium to protect the roots and help maintain moisture. Then, once you have your site selected, you’ll want to dig a hole twice the diameter and twice the root mass. Make sure the soil is good enough for the type of tree you’e planting (in terms of fertility, organic matter, etc) Place soil amendments mixed with topsoil in the bottom of the hole, then plant the tree! make sure to mound up woodchips or mulch around the base, and perhaps even stake the tree lightly. More info can be found here.

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    Another important thing to remember, is to only bury the tree in soil as deep as it was burried in the nursery (e.g. look for the marks on the trunk where it changes color from above ground to below ground). You never want to put a tree deeper in the ground than it was initially, as you can kill it. You will likely need to water it these first few years to help it get established.

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