How do I make sun-dried tomatoes?



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    You can use a dehydrator to do this if you aren’t getting enough sunlight. Choose tomatoes that have more meat and less seeds. Remove seeds if necessary, and cut slices around the center of the tomato. Place on a dehydrator until desired consistency has been reached. Or you could place the sliced tomatoes on a screen, seasoned with olive oil or herbs, and  place in the sun until done. There are many different ways to season and cut the tomatoes, so do whatever works for you.

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    Traditionally, sun-dried tomatoes have been made by drying them outside in the sun. This process can be replicated inside with the oven, creating the same result. Once you have washed and dried your tomatoes, cut them into pieces and remove all the seeds from inside. Next, place the pieces on a cookie sheet and drizzle with olive oil, salt, and any other seasonings you want to add. Bake in a 200 degree farenheit oven for about 6-8 hours, or until they look shrunken and dried out (exact time may vary based on your oven, the size of pieces, etc.). You can then refrigerate or freeze the tomatoes to store. The link below contains a video of the process.

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