How do I make churned butter?



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    Well, since you probably don’t have a churn on hand, as not many people these days do, you’ll have to use a mixer. The easiest way would be to simply get some heavy cream from the store, and mix it till it’s become butter, then strain the butter out of the left over liquid. If you actually have a churn, it’s the same basic idea. Churn away until your heavy cream is buttery! Good luck!

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    Instead of a churn, you can use a mixer, food processor, or blender and get the same results. First, you add room-temperature heavy cream to a mixer (or whichever device you choose to use), and begin mixing on low speed. As the liquid begins to thicken, increase the speed of your mixer. The liquid will first form “soft peaks” and then “stiff peaks”. As you keep mixing, the mixture then eventually turns into butter; clumps of pale yellow butter form and liquid buttermilk collects. Remove as much of the buttermilk as possible to leave just the solid butter. You can keep “churning” for longer, making the butter even more light and airy. Also, you can add extra ingredients to your butter to make it more flavorful, and then store in the refrigerator for future use. Much easier than finding or making a churn!

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