How do I make an all natural oven cleaner?



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    The website below gives six recipes for oven cleaners (or stain removers) made from simple ingredients found in your kitchen and/or laundry room. The only chemical that any of these contain is either ammonia or bleach (never together!! Mixing ammonia and bleach makes a poisonous gas)

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    This website has several recipes. My favorite is:

    5 tablespoons of baking soda

    3 drops of dr. bronners liquid soap (my favorite is peppermint)

    4 tablespoons of vinegar

    Mix it into a think paste and apply. Scrub and rinse thoroughly.

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    An excellent oven cleaner is a combination of just water and baking soda. Mix the water and baking soda until a paste forms. Next, rub it on the inside of the oven where you need to and let it sit for three hours. Wipe away the mixture with a wet sponge after the three hours. This a good option for a cleaner because these common ingredients are not toxic to humans and are often used while cooking.

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