How do I maintain a long battery life for my computer?

I would like to have my computer battery maintain a decent charge for years to come. Is it true that taking it out while the computer is plugged in is the best method? Should I drain the battery completely before charging it?



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    I don’t have a perfectly scientific answer for this question but out of personal computer and electronics knowledge, it has been my experience (and of others that I have talked to) that what kills battery life the fastest is overcharging it. So for example, when you have a cell phone, charging it overnight every day when it has only used one bar, will kill the battery quickly. With computer’s however, the issue is somewhat different; many modern computers, I believe, are smart enough to know when you are plugged in; so rather than drawing power from the battery which is drawing power from the socket, it will draw power straight from the socket, and thus avoid over-using the battery. In general, however, battery life will always be shorter than you like, and even the best battery habits will see the battery dying in a few years.

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    Check out this site. It has the top 15 ways to improve the life of your battery.

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