How do I know if my produce is local?



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    Unless specified, most produce is not local.  Some brands may be tracked through the internet or other sources, so that you can see the locations that they come from. 

    One reliable source of local produce is farmers markets.  Oftentimes, you even get to meet the farmers. 

    A great program is Door to Door Organics, though they aren’t availabe in all states.  Fresh, local, organic produce is brought to your doorstep, based on what kind of schedule you prefer. 

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    The best answer to that would be to visit your local farmer’s market.  They go through extensive paperwork to qualify, so you know their products are local and of good quality.  You can also go directly to farms in your local area for fresh produce or search your city for urban garden plots.  To know for sure your produce is local, I imagine the best bet would be to start your own garden.  Tomatoes are the best when home grown and take up relatively little space. 

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