How do I know if an item is recyclable?



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    It depends on where you live, but in most places, aluminum, glass, white paper, and at least some plastics are recyclable. Plastics will have recycling arrows on them with a number in the center, indicating which type it is. Some areas accept cardboard, colored and shiny paper, and other materials: you can check with your local government to be sure. In some areas, you can set out bins for certain recyclables (usually glass, plastic and/or aluminum) and a disposal company will pick them up. In others, you must take all recyclables to a center or to special dumpsters: again, check with your local government. For example, in my area we can set out all glass and aluminum, and plastics 1 and 2, but must take all paper products to a recycling center. You can also recycle most food materials, lawn clippings and some paper by making a compost heap. Check out the second link below for details.

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    Along with the standard recyclable items mentioned previously (plastic, aluminum, glass, paper etc.), keep in mind other items such as clothing, electronics, furniture can be recycled or reused as well.  Earth911 offers a great search where you can find recyling centers for any item for any zip code.  Check out for more details.

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