How do I know if the water I am drinking is safe to drink?



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    The first step is to give your water a sensory evaluation. What does it smell like? What color is it? Does it taste funny? Next take your water to an environmental chemistry laboratory. Tell them what you found from your sensory evaluation, and they should be able to recommend a set of tests to determine if your water is safe to drink. You may also contact the local Department of Health about your concerns.

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    In most states, public water supplies are very closely monitored for dozens of contaminants. In Montana, where I live, they also have to annually report to consumers the results of all the testing. If such requirements are not part of your municipal water supply, you should ask for the information, and lobby for them to be required to provide the information without being asked.

    If you have your own independent water supply, the suggestions by envirochemist are right on. If you are in a nation other than the USA, then it may be more difficult to find out what’s up.

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