How do I keep palmetto bugs/roaches out of my house without using pesticides?

I really don’t want some funky chemicals sprayed all over or around my house. So, I’ve just tried to keep things as clean as I can with the hope of starving them out, but every Spring they come and stay through Fall, the lil buggers. An English ex-pest control fella told me to spray them with a half dawn half h2o mixture which works really well; they are belly up pretty quickly, but it’s a little hard to watch and it doesn’t keep them out of the house. Other than moving and without making my home toxic, what can I do to get these things out of our lives?



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    I feel your pain!  I live in an apartment complex in the south, and we frequently have waves of palmetto bugs in our home, no matter how clean we keep it.  I haven’t tried all of these myself, but here are some tips I’ve read:

    Something called diatomaceous earth, which is composed of fossilized algae (pretty cool).  It’s harmless to humans, but fatal to cockroaches as it wears away their outer shell.

    If you want something a little more humane, catnip saches or catnip tea (so long as you don’t have cats) will repel cockroaches, as will cucumbers, garlic, bay leaves and hedge apples (see link below if you don’t know what a hedge apple is…I certainly didn’t).

    I hope this helps, and good luck!

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