How do I get rid of mold once it is in my house?



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    Before we begin, remember that it is impossible to remove all mold from one’s home. Spores are in just about any home, in the dust and in the air in low concentrations. That’s why bread will grow mold! But it is possible to effectively clean up mold growth. Also remember that large mold growth (stuff that covers walls, floors, etc.) should not be handled by laypeople. Hire a restoration company to help you with this problem, as it is highly dangerous and could make you sick. So only try to clean up small mold growths.

    A simple first step is to spray vinegar on hard surfaces with mold. You can also spread baking soda on soft surfaces like carpets and let it sit, then vacuum it up. If the mold is on your shower curtain, you can spray it with vinegar or toss it in the washing machine with vinegar. Vinegar is a rather effective mold cleaner. Commercial cleaners even operate under the same principles that using vinegar does!

    To keep mold growth away, you have to keep moisture away. Get a dehumidifier, fix any plumbing issues, clean up spills, and turn the fan on in your bathroom after showering. Mold will not grow without moisture.

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    Before going about removing mold, make sure to wear a mask or respirator that will filter out mold spores.  Eye protection, rubber gloves, and clothing that can be easily cleaned is also highly recommended.

    You can remove mold from hard surfaces (e.g., hard plastic, glass, metal, counter tops) by scrubbing them with a non-ammonia soap or detergent.  You cannot completely remove mold from porous surfaces (e.g., paper, drywall, carpet padding), so these materials ought to be discarded.  As for mold on structural wood, scrubbing may not be entirely effective, so some sanding may be required to remove the mold entirely.

    After removing the mold, you should disinfect the area with a disinfectant, rinse the area with clean water, and then rapidly dry the surfaces.  The use of fans, dehumidifiers, and natural ventilation is recommended.

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