How do I get rid of fluffy cottonwood seeds in my yard, on the driveway, on the deck, etc.

Every spring the HUGE cottonwood in our back yard lets billions of fluffy seeds. They get on or in just about everything. They look like piles of light snow there is so much of it. Walk through some and flies up into your face and usually up your nose. When it rains, the fluffy stuff sticks to the deck, the driveway, central air-conditioner. It is a real mess which the neighbors aren’t very happy about either. We can’t afford to cut the tree down, and it’s one plus is that it does provide shade.
Thank you, Janet



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    There is a product called Florel which is known to cut down on the amount of “cotton” the cottonwood produces. It inhibits seed production, and has to be applied at just the right time each year. You might want to call your local arborist, though, and ask them about the product, how it works, and its effects on the environment before you go and buy any.

    Right now, your best bet is to manually remove the cotton. Get a broom, a shovel, or whatever else you need and clear your property.

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