How do I get a paying job helping the environment?

I’m 16 years old.



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    Good question.  At your age, volunteering with an organization might be a best bet.  They might have a paying position open after a while if they don’t at first.  Make sure to network; if people can’t help you out, ask them for somebody who might be able to.  Like finding any job, networking is key.

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    Even non-environmental jobs have plenty of opportunity to help.  Two of the last corporations i worked for didn’t even have a recycling program in place, and all it took was a phone call to the local waste management.  It was entirely free for one company (based in portland, oregon) to engage in the new recycling implementation, and though it was a cost for the company (based in chandler, az) it actually saved $$ as it was a cheaper alternative to hauling off the amount of waste they were producing beforehand.  There are many avenues to be discovered where you can contribute to environmental efforts, even if you are employed be a traditional company.


    Because your question is probably directed at ways of searching for companies whose vision you can support, start by looking up local companies by industry.  type in “solar” or “recycling” or whatever area you have an interest in.  Contact the company directly, submit your application online, etc.  Once you narrow down where to you want to work, you can focus your job search efforts.  


    Also, since online resumes and applications are easily thrown out before even looking at them based on certain words, etc. …. go into your local Re-employment office for tips on submitting online applications.  They’re a great resource, completely free…..essentially, you’ve already paid for it with your tax dollars.  If you really want the job, there’s a way for you to get it.


    Good luck!

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