How do I get nice Smithsonian magazines into the hands of people who want them?



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    You could do a posting on and see if there are people in your area that would be willing to pay for the magazines. Or you could freecycle and just give them away to someone who want them. Depends on whether or not you want to make money from the magazines. The link below can direct you to freecycling groups by state and region.

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    I would suggest contacting Smithsonian Magazine directly. I wouldn’t be surprised if they know of groups or organizations that collect old copies of their magazine. Here is a link to their contact form.

    Alternatively, I think mguieb’s suggestion to post on craigslist is also a good idea. I’m sure you could find someone in your area who would love to have them. As with anything on craigslist, it is probably a good idea to meet the person at a public place, rather than your home. 

    Hope this helps!

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    If you are not looking to sell them, you could also consider donating them to a doctor’s office or hospital waiting room.  Having spent three months in the intensive care and heart patient family waiting room when my grandpa was very ill it was nice to have some of the magazines and books donated to the waiting room to escape to while he was having an operation or sleeping.

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