How do I get my whites clean without bleach?



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    Make sure to floss regularly. By clearing away food debris that gets caught in the crevices between teeth, you dial back the opportunity that this food has of decaying in said crevices. If this food were allowed to decay in your mouth, bacteria would grow and begin a frightful discoloration of your teeth.

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    I’m assuming your question is how to whiten your clothing without bleach.  Lemons are a natural way to whiten clothes and linen.  You want to soak your clothing in a sink of very hot water, adding lots of lemon slices for two hours.  Another option is dishwasher detergent, just add around 1/4 cup of this detergent along with regular detergent and wash on a warm cycle.  White vinegar is also a great natural whitener.  Pour 1/2 cup along with regular detergent and wash.

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