How do I get my neighbours involved?

I’m trying to get my neighbours to compost and recycle, but they think it’s a waste of time. They throw away everything after one use! One of them even threw away his easy chair and love seat just because, as he told me, “It’s just easier to get new ones instead of having them cleaned.” Any suggestions?



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    I’d recommend that you offer to recycle their goods for them, or to make your recycle bins or so on available to them — basically, take the burden of extra time off of them, so they have no reason not to recycle, and then gradually indoctrinate them =) 

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      Good idea; I have asked for people’s plastic bowls (such as from cottage cheese, sour cream or the like), newspapers, foil, and soda cans; but so far I haven’t had much success if I don’t catch them before they throw away whatever it is. They don’t give them to me voluntarily. I’ll keep trying,though. Thanks! Lord bless you.

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    I like dtsang’s suggestion. By taking the extra effort yourself, after time it may help them to ease into it and follow your lead. One thing I’d caution against is being preachy and nagging. People can be stubborn, but it’s best not to harp on things and risk annoying them over it. If you do that, they’ll probably be even less likely to want to participate. Basically, be kind and respectful about their decisions but try to help them out and strive for gradual change. Good luck!

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      Thanks—I’ll remember that! One thing I do NOT want is to be a nag. I’ve had a lot of that, and I know how it bugs me; so I’ll not be a nag about it. God bless you!

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    I agree with edmccoy11, you do not want to come off preachy. This could end negatively very quickly if your neighbors take you as being a know it all rather than simply trying to help. Maybe suggest a community compost area. Start it yourself and see if anyone else starts to contribute. You want to go about this slowly. You may not see results as quickly as you would like but little by little I think living my example will show them the “light”.

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      Thanks for the advice, and reminder about sounding preachy. No, I don’t want to sound preachy; I’ll watch myself on that! I do recycle and compost stuff myself, and I’ve let my friends know about it; but so far they still throw away almost everything after one use, and won’t compost. (I do go “dumpster-diving” at the apartments where I live, if the object of my quest isn’t too far down in, though, but I wash thoroughly after I’m done.) 🙂 God bless you!

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