How do I get flies out of my house?



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    1) Clean your house completely. Flies like to be in places where they can get food, so if it is clean, it’s less likely they’ll stay.

    2) Check for places of entry for the flies – make sure there are no holes in window screens, and seal all doors and windows with weather stripping.

    3) Make sure your yard is clean of anything that could attract flies (dog poop?)

    4)Try a fly trap – could be a sticky strip or have a lure, check out what they have at a store near you

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    Finding the source of the flies is the most important step in getting rid of flies.  If they are coming from inside, clean the area entirely and disinfect the breeding location.  If they are coming from outside, it’s likely the source is near a door or window, so move or get rid of the source and make sure the windows and doors are closed as much as possible.  You can also make your own fly trap by cutting strips of brown paper bags and punching holes in the top tied with string or yarn to hang from the ceiling; then coat the strips in a mixture of maple syrup, brown sugar, and white sugar.  Let them soak for a few hours, then hang them where you have fly problems.  Burning candles also helps run flies off.

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