How do I fix a sticking steel door?

I have a glass-paned steel door. As it got colder the door would stick and today (at 20 below C) the door will not open. Canada, eh? This is not to do with the screw at the door knob area. The sticking plce is at the floor. Thanks anyone.



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    1. Check to see that the hinges are tight. Loose hinges can cause a door to drag against the jam or on the threshold

    2.Replace old mounting screws with larger bore screws if the holes are worn or stripped. In some cases the hinges themselves may be worn and need to be replaced.

    3.Determine where the door is sticking – at the threshold, the side, or the top. Mark the areas of drag with a pencil or chalk

    4.If the door is sticking at the top, bottom or sides, remove the door from the hinges and sand it very lightly where it sticks.

    5.If the door is sticking on the contact plate of the lock, use a thinner plate or use a chisel to deepen the mortise it fits in.

    6.Replace the door.


    A sticking door may be caused by heat or humidity, or perhaps simply by the building’s settling over time


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    You really cant cut, sand or plane a steel door. If you try sanding on it, you will probably be sanding for 3 years. The easiest way is to switch out your hinges for The Original Adjustable Door Hinges. You can see them at They are the same size and thickness as your current hinges. All it takes is a screwdriver and a pair of pliers to install and adjust. Once installed you can move your door up or down, side to side or in and out whatever it takes to stop sticking. When its spring time and your house moves again, you can always quickly adjust the door whenever you need. They are really great.


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