How do I find out mailing addresses for celebrities to request donations for land preservation?

I would like to purchase some land to turn into a conservation trust and to be used as a nature center for youth and adults. Also I would like it to be a retreat for wilderness advocate volunteers.



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    You may want to take advice from organizations that already have big name celebrities on their donation lists.  The WWF, Greenpeace, The Jane Goodall Institute, and Conservation International would all be good places to start as they are famous for their celebrity support.  Unfortunately there is no “big list of celebrity donors” just floating around the internet.  Networking and second hand communication would probably be your best bet.

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    The most “official” route for contacting celebrities is through their managers or agents, which often list mailing addresses on their websites. A word of warning, however, that many celebrities likely get lots and lots of fan mail, and your request may get lost in the shuffle. I would second guy’s suggestion above and look specifically for celebrities that have already shown an interest in environmental issues and reach out to them. Good luck!

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