How do I feed and raise a mallard duckling?

Very young with no mother



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    First of all, Mallard ducks are social creatures, so its best to raise a group of them. Also, if acquired without their mother, you should raise the duckling in an indoor cage, or a coop. When feeding, in addition to game-bird starter feed, Mallard ducklings prefer to feed on a diet of leafy greens, included among which are common garden weeds. For more advice, please follow the accompanying link.

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    I’ve never raised a mallard duck, or any duck for that matter, but if you’re planning on raising one it’s incredibly important to do good research and make sure that you’re getting professional information. A couple books that you may want to look up include Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks by Dave Holderread. Here is a link to the ebook:

    You could also try How to Raise Ducks by Mary Louise.

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