How do I dry my clothes without a dryer if I live where it rains and snows a lot?



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    I share your pain in this fashion- Japanese dryers are notoriously low-quality and not energy efficient in the slightest- and it rains quite a lot during the summer.

    There are a couple options available, but basically you’re going to have to hang them inside if you want them to dry on rainy/snowy days. Last summer I sort of fanagled a rod that hung far enough away from my window that there shouldn’t have been any water-splatter, and then left it open with towels around so that there wouldn’t be any water damage. The air-flow definitely helped dry things, but every once in a while there would still be an issue with things not drying completely.

    The only real “solution” I’ve ever heard of was to hang stuff near a heater (obviously far enough away so that it doesn’t catch fire or anything), but that’s clearly not environmentally conscious in the slightest.

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    Besides watching the weather report and trying to avoid the rain and other precipitation Mother Nature may bestow upon you, an indoor portable dryer is probably the best option.  There are many versions available, everything from the typical accordian style wood and plastic version to more modern upright versions that allow clothes to hang on their own without touching each other.  This method is definitely slower but uses zero energy and is very environmentally friendly. 

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