How do I dispose a fragrance ?

I have some paraben rich synthetic fragrance i don’t want to use and wont give to someone else to use. What’s the best way to get rid of it?



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    Well, I think the simplest answer would be to contact your local waste disposal management company and they can probably give you some guidance on how to dispose of it. Also, if you have a very small quantity left, you can simply flush it down the toilet, but you should definitely make sure it’s not a lot. Another possible option is that you may be able to take it directly to a landfill, though that might be a bit more work than the other options. say to bring it directly to a landfill. 

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    Fragrance oils can be synthetic and natural.  Since synthetic fragrance are not 100% natural, it would be best to contact your local waste management company.  They can help you identify whether the oil is toxic or hazardous.  From there, the method of disposal can be identified.  

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