how do I dispose batteries and computers?

Batteries and computers are alike that they cannot be recycled. How do I dispose them?



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    While alkaline batteries once were treated as hazardous waste, they can now be disposed of in household trash. However, care should be taken not to throw many batteries away in the same trash bag because are likely not entirely used up. There may not be enough juice to continue powering your device, but there could still be enough to cause a safety risk if several of them come into contact with each other.

    Other batteries should be recycled, including lithium, rechargeable and zinc batteries. These batteries can be brought to a recycling center. Some stores, such as Staples, will take these batteries (regardless of where you bought them) and recycle them.

    Car batteries must be brought to specific waste management centers. Your mechanic or local dump should be able to recommend where to bring these batteries.

    Computers should not be disposed of in household trash. They can in fact be recycled. Again, many stores will take them back for recycling, such as Staples and Office Max.

    Local municipal websites can provide more information on local disposal of these items.

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