How do i dispose of antifreeze that has leaked out of the bottle?



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    If it is hazardous waste (because of its lead content), you must transport it by using a transporter with an EPA identification number and prepare it for transport appropriately. Used antifreeze that is mixed with other fluids must be characterized to determine if it is hazardous waste, and disposed of accordingly. Nonhazardous used antifreeze also may be disposed at a landfill that is authorized to accept used antifreeze. Many landfills have a tank designated for used antifreeze disposal. Used antifreeze may not be dumped with regular trash, poured into the sewer, or poured onto the ground.

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    You may want to check with the Hazardous Waste program in your city. They will have a site where you can take your hazardous materials for either recycling or dumping. The link below provides multiple websites, files, and affords more information on how to dispose of hazardous wastes.

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