How do I delete people’s answers on GreenAnswers?

When I am unhappy with someone’s answers, how can I delete them?



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    If you’re unhappy with a person’s answer, you can vote it down, but you can’t delete it.

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    If you think the person’s answer is wrong you can vote it down or comment on it explaining why you think it might be wrong.  If you think the answer is offensive, you can mark it as abuse.

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    You can’t delete someone’s comments.  You can vote the answer down, and even give it negative karma.  The answers are there to stay, but the community as a whole can decide what is a good answer and what is not.  That is the whole purpose of the karma system.  And like the above post said, if the answer is more than just unhelpful etc., you can click the report abuse button.  

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    As you’ll notice, there’s a “report abuse” icon below each member’s name on GreenAnswers. You can always use this, if you have reason to do so. However, I wouldn’t use it unless you truly believe a blogger is being unethical or dishonest. Otherwise, just make a new post below the post you disagree with, explaining your reasoning. If you simply disagree with a point of view, an argument is in order. Conversely, if you think an answer should not be posted whatsoever, then an abuse report is in order.

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