how do i convince my mum to get me a dog?



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    I would first try and understand her reasons for not allowing you to have a dog. Is it because she is allergic? Is it because she doesn’t want to be bothered with the extra responsibility? You want to see if the reason is one that can be worked through to begin negotiations. If she is allergic or if a dog is going to affect her current health conditions or the health of anybody else in the household, then that’s non-negotiable. If it is because she doesn’t want to deal with the dog, then that is somewhat negotiable. You will want to try and convince your Mom that the dog won’t be a hassle and that you will be the one responsible for caring for it. You will need to stand by this promise and make sure to follow through with it. Dogs are alot like people and have basic needs; they need to be walked, fed, given water, brushed, groomed, cleaned up after (accidents), and taken to the vet (which is expensive). They also bark alot and can tear up stuff. If you are trying to get a puppy then get ready to take care of a baby because they are not potty-trained, need a kennel that has to be cleaned daily, and wimper alot (through the night). It is alot of work caring for a pet, so if this is the reason your Mom is hesitant try and understand and work with her to come to some sort of agreement on how this dog is going to be cared for, and more importantly, stick with it and do your part. Good luck.

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    Raising a dog can be very expensive, and it is likely that your mother does not have enough money to support another family member. I had a dog as a kid and I can tell you from experience that the vet bills can sneak up on you. When I was in high school, my dog developed arthritis and we had to give her a special medication for it. When I went off to college, my dog developed some much more serious health problems. We could have spent several thousand dollars to extend her life another six months, but instead we decided that we could not afford it and it was time for her to be put down instead of continuing to suffer. When I came home for Christmas, my parents had already buried her.

    On a more upbeat note, dogs make great companions. My mom is actually considering getting another one because she wants to walk in the evenings for exercise and wants a big, protective dog to keep away potential muggers and other criminals. You might try convincing your mom that you are responsible and earn some money to front the cost of the dog by walking other people’s dogs or just by doing more chores around the house. Look for money-saving tips and try to implement them in your home as well. Cooking family meals at home is always a great way to save money.

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    Having a dog is a huge commitment.  I can understand if your mom is nervous about the finances or even just having time for the dog.  If you do have plenty of time to spend with the dog playing, walking, feeding, and just hanging out – then prove that to your mom.  If she sees that you are responsible enough, then maybe she will give in!  Suggest adopting a dog.  Not only is it cheaper than purchasing a dog from a breeder or pet store, the dogs are often much more healthy and are often times trained.  I have had five dogs and all of them have been adopted from shelters and they have been great!  Don’t get the first dog you see, make sure you both connect.  Good luck!

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