How do I choose cycling jerseys?

Now that it’s summer, riding has become a big trouble! It is particularly hard to choose cycling jerseys. Consider air passing through, sweat absorption, and other factors.

I want to choose a cycling suit; I’m seeking a master to give guidance.



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    My cycling jerseys are from online shop, I do not like cycling jerseys are very flaring. Good cycling jerseys with a spider ventilation cushion is very suit for summer.

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    It depends on what type of cycler you are.  Do you go on long or difficult rides frequently, or are you more the type who uses a bike to get around instead of a car?  Either way, you’ll want to find a jersey made of a comfortable synthetic fabric, like Lycra.  Cotton will keep you damp and uncomfortable as you sweat, while synthetic fabrics are better at keeping sweat off of your skin.  Serious cyclists will want to look for jerseys that are skin tight so as to reduce drag, but looser, more “t-shirty” jerseys are fine for a casual cyclist.

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