how do i build a raised bed garden in el dorado county california?



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    You can choose from an array of materials to construct your raised bed but wood is a very popular choice, because it is easy and cheap to work with. Your first step in building it will be to chose a good site. You want the bed to be somewhere that gets at least eight hours of sun a day. Next, you need to decide how big you want your bed to be. A good size is 3ft wide by 10 ft long and 6 in deep but anysize is manageable. Once those two important factors have been decided, you can begin construction. Using 2×6 pieces of lumber will be the most beneficial and easiest to deal with in terms of measurements. Measure out your pieces, create butt joints to assemble them, and ensure that all your pieces are leveled to make sure there will be equal distribution of water once plants are in. Your last and final step is to choose your plants and enjoy!

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