how do humans pollute the land



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    There are lots of ways humans pollute the land. The factories we build pollute the air with smog and chemicals, much waste and sewage gets dumped into waterways and oceans, humans litter, humans pollute ground water by burying trash and pooling waste into ponds (like slaughterhouse waste, etc.), humans use cars and other things that put Co2 into the atmosphere and harm the ozone. These are just a few examples of ways humans pollute the earth but the list is long and probably never-ending.

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    haydenseder gave several great examples. Land pollution can also occur when people abandon old industrial or commercial areas. Various pieces of equipment that are left behind may contain chemicals that contaminate the soil. One of the worst sources of pollution is a Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST). A LUST can very difficult to clean up because the pollutants may disperse over a wide area.

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    people usually litter everywhere


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