How do humans misuse natural resources when they exploit and degrade forests



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    If people exploit and degrade forests, this is misuse of natural resource because the forests are changed from a renewable to a nonrenewable resource. If forests are logged for building materials and fire fuel at a reasonable rate and allowed to regenerate, the use of this natural resource can be considered sustainable and renewable.

    Other than wood, forests have other natural resources, like water and medicinal plants. If the water is contaminated through industrial processes, much life in the area will be affected, and this natural resource might not be safely accessed anymore. If medicinal plants or other culturally important species are destroyed, this can affect the human communities that rely on them for health and significance. Additionally, the homes and food sources of other creatures is disturbed when forests are exploited, causing disruption to an entire ecosystem. In certain cases, where bulldozing is used, the topsoil might be removed, therefore ruining the fertility of the soil and ability to produce crops or grazing land.

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