How do humans get water in the desert?



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    In some deserts, water is literally impossible to come by. Other than a sporadic night time thunderstorm or rare streams, finding water in the desert is one of the hardest positions one can put them self in. Cacti contain water and can be a good source when in a desperate situation. Look for birds, as they often circle near water sources. Also, be sure to have containers ready for random rainstorms which can be quite sudden in the desert. There is also a way to “make” water. Check out this diagram to see how to do this: 

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    Here is a good advice to make water while your in the desert. Look at land for signs of dried out river beds. These locations are the best place to seek moisture. After, dig a few curved holes (the more the better) about 19 inches (50 cm) deep so that the moist subsoil is clearly visible. Throw any plants into the holes. Place an open coffee can, mug, cup or canteen in the center of each hole. Lay a taut piece of clear plastic wrap across the top of each hole. Create a seal by pouring sand in a circle around each hole along the outside of the plastic warp. Place a small to medium sized rock in the center of the plastic wrap so that the plastic wrap dips to a point above the can. Wait for the sun to evaporate water out of the mosit soil nad any plants within each hole. Later, when the sun dries the subsoil in a hole, dig another one. Use a 550 paracord and tie a clear plastic bag on the end of a plant or small tree branch. Make sure the bag is sealed as tightly as possible. Water vapor will collect and condense in the beg. Wait until evening for maximum condensation before removing the bag. Switch the bag to another branch and repeat. Expected yield one cup of water per large bag-you will need several of these to survive. Good luck! 

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