How do humans get TB?



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    Tuberculosis is caused by a bacteria and is transfered from human to human through the air.  The germs are airborne, and if inhaled, there is a very likely chance the person will become infected. However, often times the symptoms of TB do not show up initially, and may lie dormant for some time.

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    Humans can contract Tuberculosis if they inhale pacticles of infected sputum (mucus, spit, etc. that a person coughs up from his/her lungs) in the air. The tuberculosis bacteria can be spread if someone who is infected coughs, spits, sneezes, and/or shouts around someone else who is nearby and who inhales the air. It is hard to become infected with the bacteria solely by shaking someone’s hand or coming into contact with their clothes. Rather, one catches the bacteria by breathing infected air. 

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