How do humans get tape worms?



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    Generally, people get tape worms by ingesting the larvae or cysts.  Generally this happens by drinking infected water or coming into direct contact with feces.

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    As Ashleigh mentioned, infections occur when people consume the larvae cysts, or ingest the eggs of tapeworms.  However, this does not only happen when drinking infected water or after coming into direct contact with feces.  Tapeworm eggs are microscopic and can be easily transferred from feces to soil and from soil to produce or water source.  This means that if you eat an unwashed carrot that was grown in soil contaminated with tapeworm egg infested feces, you could potentially be infected.   

    Once inside the intestine of a human or animal, tapeworm eggs become larvae, which then move to other parts of the body and form cysts.  If you ingest raw or undercooked meat or flesh from an animal that has larvae cysts in its muscle tissue, you will soon have adult tapeworms in your intestines.

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