How do humans destroy the environment?



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    Humans destroy the environment by polluting, elevated carbon dioxide/monoxide levels and other greenhouse gases, expanding housing needlessly (i.e. deforestation, wildlife habitat destruction), and damming up large areas; this floods a large area displacing many creatures. these are only some ways, humans have been taking a huge toll on the environment for quite some time now; these are just a few examples. 

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    Humans destroy the plant in many ways. Pollution, deforestation and damming up large areas are just a few of them. Also, because of humans carbon dioxide levels are rising up and therefore destroying the atmosphere.

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    We cut down millions of trees everyday
    We kill animals everyday
    We emit thousands of pounds of pollutants into the year everyday
    We pollute
    We overfarm/overgraze/overfish
    We litter
    We waste

    We create carbon dioxide

    We throw away plastics that can’t break down on its own

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