How do the harmful chemicals in beauty creams and make up effect your skin?



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    Some chemicals in cosmetics have been linked to health problems, including cancer, immune dysfunction, and depression.  These same chemicals may affect your skin as well.  Lauryl sulfate, a foaming agent in shampoos and body washes, may contribute to eczema, dermatitis, and skin inflammation.  The amine family may be damaging to the skin and cause dermatitis.  Parabens, which function as germicides and preservatives, may cause skin rashes. 

    With these in mind, it may be of benefit to do some research about the various chemicals in cosmetics before making your purchases.

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    The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel is an excellent resource for determining what beauty products and ingredients are good for you vs. not-so-good.  Parabens are carcinogenic and with long term use can be toxic to your health.  Other ingredients can cause allergic reactions, dehydration, or burns.

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