How do governments decide how much to charge for gas taxes?



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    Supposedly, gasoline taxes are calculated based on how much damage the vehicle does to the road when it is driving so that the money can be used to repair roads. At least, that was the original reason for them. The federal gas tax should pay for federally funded roads such as interstates while the state gas tax should pay for state funded roads. However, in reality the gas tax is being kept a lot lower than it should be due to lobbying from various political forces. There is a lot of discussion on how to correct this situation.

    Another thing about the gas tax is that it does not apply to electric cars yet. Since electric cars are just as capable of causing wear and tear on public roads as vehicles driven by internal combustion engines, I think that it is only fair to tax them as well. Since electric cars are becoming more popular, politicians are currently trying to decide how to deal with them. However, the political process can be very slow and full of stumbling blocks, so chances are that we will not see any significant change in the gas tax for a long time.

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