How do lakes get polluted by fisherman?



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    Although fishing is not the biggest cause of water pollution, careless fishermen can cause pollution by leaving behind or not properly disposing of fishing equipment. Also, depletion of valuable, natural sea life (such as coral reefs) can also be harmful to the sea’s ecosystem because it affects sea life’s food, defense, and shelter within its natural habitat.

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    I think that the main problem in the case of fishing-related pollution would be the boats and their emissions. Of course, not all fishermen use motorized boats, so as chiabia mentioned above, there are a few other contributing factors.

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    Some fishermen are very sensitive to the environment they fish, feeling a sentimental value to the natural settings that have provided them such pleasure and peace. However, certain less-caring fisherman have been know to pollute lakes and streams with everything from beer cans to chemically-toxic shampoo. Some (but not all) campers and hunters forget that their access to nature depends very much on human preservation of the land.  

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